Effects of Partition of Colonial India Into Two States

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This is a sensitive theme and topic to focus on in this discussion. India as a British colony has suffered centuries of over-exploitation by its colonial masters and since gaining independence it has tried desperately but unsuccessfully to come to terms with the impact of this exotic presence of foreigners in their beloved country which was possibly diametrically opposed to their culture and temperament. However it should be noted that this western culture has aggressively spread over the world and as much as the Indians opposed it, they finally had to embrace it as it is an inevitable consequence. For an effective decolonization to take place, we must keenly look at the consequences of colonization, what traces have been left on the Indian nation and its people and how deep this scourge and vice is affecting their lives. In this regard, I have briefly attempted to focus on the effects of the split of colonial India into two states, that is, Pakistan and India. This is so because it is a very sensitive issue which is as vast and complex as the Indian nation and millions of people have suffered and died due to the agreement that led to the split of this once diverse, prosperous and peaceful nation. The ripples of the animosity between this nations are still present today leading to tensions among the nations as well as its citizens. Neighboring nations have also been affected by the wrangles between these nation leading to tension, fighting and deterioration of relations among themselves. Britain, a super power in the seventeenth century had a vision and purpose of extending and enhancing her reputation worldwide and thus she set out to build her ever growing empire and assert her authority on the relatively virgin lands and commun... ... middle of paper ... ...s a spring board to making their feelings known, and subsequently they blamed the opposition for their predicaments and woes. • Other reasons – extremist groups attacked individuals of the different religious affiliations under the disguise that they were retaliating against the killings of innocent individuals. As the world would come to bear, India’s partition left a sore taste in the British as they would have helped manage the situation a lot better. However, they were after their own interests and after this was done, they left this nation in the course of destruction and civil war bearing down on it. All that was good and pleasant about this nation, the little gains made went up in smoke with this unrest. These nations, India and Pakistan have not been able to solve their differences till this day and they are almost on the brink of engaging each other at war.
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