Effects of Marijuana to One's Health

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Effects of Marijuana to Ones Health: Marijuana is a drug that comes from the hemp plant Cannabis Sativa as a dry, shredded green and brown mixture of stems, seeds, and flowers. The drug is also known as hashish when it’s in a more concentrated, resinous form as a sticky black liquid, hash oil. Marijuana is a mind-altering drug because its main psychoactive chemical is delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC. In the United States, marijuana is the most commonly used illicit drug, which has significant health risks and effects on people. Since 2007, the use of marijuana in the United States has generally increased, particularly after a period of decline in the past decade. The increase in the use of this illicit drug is influenced by a diminishing perception of its health risks. According to recent annual survey data, many teenagers are currently smokers of marijuana than cigarettes. Despite of its increased use, there are several concerns regarding the affects of marijuana to people’s health. Reasons for Use of Marijuana: Marijuana is often smoked through the use of a bong, pipe, or by rolling a joint. It even involves using blunt, which are cigars that are emptied of tobacco and filled up with this drug, sometimes in mixture with other drugs (“Marijuana” par, 2). Marijuana can also be eaten in food like baking it in brownies, which not only delays the onset of its effects but also makes the effects to last longer. Similar to the availability of different ways of using marijuana, there are various reasons why people use the drug. One of the major reasons for increased use of marijuana despite of its health risks is that it helps relax an individual and elevate his/her mood. The drug is also used because it contributes to... ... middle of paper ... ...increased use of marijuana is associated with some major long-term consequences. The three major long-term impacts of the use of the drug are mental illness, memory and learning, and fertility. According to the findings of research, marijuana use affects the ability to learn and remember information through compromising ability to focus, maintain, and shift attention. It’s also associated with enhanced prevalence of schizophrenia, depression, and psychosis and suppresses the generation of hormones that help to control the reproductive system. In conclusion, marijuana use among young people has increased in the recent past because of the changes in modern environment and popular belief that it’s harmless. However, the use of the drug continues to have significant health effects on an individual, especially young people who are vulnerable to its damaging effects.
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