Effects of Imperialism on Society

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As the 21st century begins, the economic infrastructure of the Globe continues to feel the lasting affects of Imperialism in the 20th century and beyond. During the previous century there were two key characters, Germany and the United States, who both played a vital role in producing the economic setting we have today. The use of Imperialist policies in Germany, specifically leading up to and during the Nazi regime, and the United states, specifically in the Post-WWII era, would dictate much of how our present economic system would function. In previous centuries, these flawed policies of imperialism offered a tactless criterion which industrializing nations were to use if at all interested in accumulating wealth or having access to the Global market. These policies called for the domination and exploitation of other nations thereby contributing to the formation of the list of nations we refer to today as the “the Third World”. Although colonialism and most forms of imperialism have formally been eradicated since the 1950s, the affects can clearly be seen lingering within International markets and the Global structure. A thorough understanding of imperialism and its effects on todays societies must be preceded by a firm understanding of its definition and familiarity with its history. As with almost any -ism it is very difficult to clearly define exactly what imperialism is, but the Merriam-Webster Dictionary broadly defines it as being: the extension or imposition of power, authority, or influence. It is difficult to pinpoint exactly when imperialism was first implemented, but again this is simply because of the diversity of definitions among opposing groups. Despite its shiftiness, there is a generally understood answer to ... ... middle of paper ... ... the world and as a result have left billions below the poverty line. The unfortunate thing is that the imperialist ideology does less for the working class and more for the capitalist class which is considered to be the “governor of the imperial engine”. In reality it simply does not make sense for the nation but makes total sense for the financial interest of the minority (Magdoff 34). Imperialist policy has lingered in our society with nation being subjugate to other nations through the economy and politics lean up. But emancipation is possible through questions and democracy, as Alexis de Tocqueville once said “ vigilance is the price of liberty, independent and vigorous criticism is the only safeguard of our liberties” (Winslow 460). It is said that to be a super power, one must remain imperialistic but for the sake of we should try to find other alternatives.

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