Effects of Gun Control

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It is impossible not to open a newspaper, watch the television, or listen to the radio with out hearing about some type of gun violence. Perhaps the main reason for such high gun violence is that guns are so plentiful in the Unites States. In fact, there are sixty five million handguns in America ("The `facts' about Guns"). These guns contribute to an annual medical cost of fourteen billion dollars, which is spent solely on treating gun victims ("Handguns in America"). Not surprisingly, handguns are the cause of eighty percent of homicides, seventy percent of suicides, and almost every accidental shooting ("Youth and Violence"). Handgun violence is a problem that is easy for everyone to see. How to solve this predicament is another question. Some people suggest that handguns be completely outlawed, which would be too hard and too expensive to enforce. Other people suggest that handguns be left the way they are, which would just be ignoring the problem. I feel, along with sixty percent of the population, that the only way to stop handgun violence is to put safety devices and new safety laws on guns ("Americans want Firearms").

Twenty five percent of the American population believes that the way to handle handgun violence is to completely outlaw handguns ("Handguns in America"). Their argument is not compelling. People in this group believe that if the government outlaws handguns, then citizens will simply hand their handguns over. To persuade those who might not turn in their guns to do so, the group suggests that the government compensate the citizens for their guns. This idea will not work. The cost of compensating citizens for their handguns would be astronomical. Nine months after Australia passed this bill, ...

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