Effects of Divorce on Children

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In modern society, divorce is common among many married couples. Everywhere you look, a new couple is separating and slowing destroying their family. Divorce is a legal dissolution that allows a couple to freely remarry in the future and occurs when a married couple can no longer handle being in each other’s company (divorce). Their problems result in constant arguments that cannot be resolved. The problems faced within a couple not only affects the two involved in the fight, but also their children’s lives in a negatively manner. Marriage is not viewed as highly in today’s society as years before due to the amount of marriages not lasting and ending in a divorce. Divorce is common today because of couple’s uneasiness to try and work things out by going to couples therapy together or listening to each other. Children are affected emotionally by their parent’s decision of divorce in their relationships with their friends, family and teachers.
Parents try to do as much as possible to avoid their children asking about divorce. Major debates that occur in a fighting couple happen when the children are asleep at night. Parents wait till their children fall asleep or send them outside to play with friends before fighting because they believe this will avoid the children finding out about the divorce (Allers 3). This is why children lack the basic knowledge about divorce. Allers states that there are four major reasons children lack knowledge about divorce: Children are afraid to ask questions, parents are afraid that the incite of divorce will hurt and anger the children, most parents with young children do not have the experience of divorce therefore they do not know any more than their child, and the knowledge of divorce...

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