Effects of Divorce

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Divorce is the most common factor affecting families of today. Though it wasn't relevant two decades ago, spouses are choosing to solve their martial displeasures with divorce. About 40%-50% of all first marriages and 60% of all second marriages end in divorce. There is one divorce every 13 seconds and about 46,523 divorces per week. Premarital pregnancies, living together before marriage, marrying at an early age, financial problems, and poor communications are some of the many reasons why marriages are ending so rapidly. These numbers are not just seen today, rates of divorce were increasing as early as the late 1800s to the late 1960s. However, it was not until the 1980's and the 1990's that divorce rates started to skyrocket. The focus of this study is to show how the divorce process affects the well being of the child in all social aspects. This includes the relationship disturbances that are seen between parents and their children, how socially different their life becomes when divorce is present, and overall the future impact these children have on our society.
During a divorce, each family member is affected in some way. The truth is most spouses as well as their children are not ready for the emotional and physical impact of divorce. Overall, divorce ends up disrupting the family life cycling process, adding intricacy to the development tasks already at hand. With the configuration of the family being altered, family members have to adjust to new situations and feelings. Some of these adjustments include being separated and the emotional change that accompanies it. However, children as well as teenagers have harder times adjusting to such a change. There is no doubt that divorce is a factor in today's socie...

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