Effects of Child Bullying

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Thursday February 24th 2011, my daughter Hailey came home from school distraught over a boy in her class who had shot himself the night before in his home. The doctors were not expecting this young man to make it through the night. I asked Hailey, “What would cause him to want to do such harm to himself?” Hailey replied to me “that he was just different Mom; no one liked him because he was different, and Nick was made fun of everyday, for his unusual sock choices and for being bi-sexual.” As she started to recall events that had taken place the day before in her band class she said to me “Mom, I wonder how my band teacher feels today after hearing this news. He really gave Nick a hard time for not knowing how to play a part on his instrument.” As we waited patiently that evening for news on Nick, Hailey received word that the family had taken Nick off life support. It was then that I became enraged. Enraged that someone just lost their thirteen year old son because of bullying, and that this would be the fifth suicide in four years that had rocked our small community.

Child bullying is not taken seriously enough, it is often brushed off by parents and teachers, as “kids will be kids”, and some children have been told to just accept it, that it is a part of life. Under no circumstance should a child ever just accept bullying as a part of life! They need to know that this behavior is unacceptable, and more over; they need to know that there is help for any child who may be struggling with a bully. The lasting effects of child bullying can cause serious harm to an individual.

I can recall an incident that occurred earlier this year involving my son, Avery, and one of his teachers. Avery came home from school one afternoon and w...

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