Effects Of Waste Management In The Sultanate Of Oman

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Waste management:
Waste management is one of the big issue in the Sultanate of Oman. Because of its negative effects on the environment and public health. The population in Oman produced the equivalent of the amount of 1.6 million tons of solid waste.
Of each individual share produce or the equivalent of 1.5 kg of waste per day among the highest worldwide. Solid waste is characterized in Oman that the high percentage of which are recyclable, is The paper from the first place and accounted for 26%, 12%, plastic, metal and glass 11% 5%. However,
Oman has not yet aware of a possibility by high to recycle solid waste. More solid waste sent to landfills Licensed and non-licensed to bury them, creating environmental and health issues. There are a
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Solid waste, industrial waste, electronic waste and other buried in many dumps scattered all over the country unauthorized in playboy.
Household waste issues facing the Sultanate of Oman:
The definition of household waste: a set of activities or depreciation used by man inside the house and increasing population growth and the large number of houses and increase industries. Household waste generated since that man starch on the surface of the earth, and they include food scraps and sewage and members of the animal's body; however the amount of waste generated little, too due to lack of materials used. With the development of technology with the use of materials and goods industries and their ability to draw those components has increased the volume of waste in the home winter roads. Such as plastic, metal, securities, food and glass.
How to minimize of household waste:
The household waste collection process done by the concerned authorities like municipalities. There are different ways to get rid of them:
First, the sanitary landfill of waste is the best way to get rid of the waste that is adversely effect on the environment. The site must be chosen carefully by the municipalities.
- it must consistent with the land

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