Effects Of Video Games On Youth

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Excessive video game playing has been a problem with today’s youth they have had more influences over the youth than ever before. That brings to my attention a question, how do video games affect the youth of our society? Excessive video game playing, especially violent video games, can lead to youth violence, a decrease in academic success and many other negative things. I realize that some parents believe that they can be good for children, I agree but I also disagree in some cases. Some parents allow their children to play video games to keep a social life and to learn how to use strategies. This is true in some cases but not in all cases. For instance, other children that play video games alone and are in their rooms constantly can become socially isolated or take the games to a serious enough level they begin to use it in real life situations. Youth violence being caused by video games comes from the fact that: “video games are an ideal environment in which to learn violence” (Eakes). There some reasons why violent video games cause our youth to act on what they see in the video game. For instance Pamela Eakes, founder of Mothers Against Violence in America, mentioned that video games: “place the player in the role of the aggressor and reward him or her for violent behavior” (Eakes). This is true because in violent video games you must fight and kill other players to win the game. Also said by Pamela Eakes about how violent video games effect the youth of our society is that video games: “allow the player to rehearse an entire behavioral script from provocation to choosing a violent resolution of conflict” (Eakes). Video games are increasingly becoming more realistic than staying in the fantasy world of things and they are s... ... middle of paper ... ... apart from the games and does nothing but eat all day and stare at computer screens and play x-box then you might want to get your children out there so that they do not become socially isolated from the real world. Works Cited Ivory, James D., and Sriram Kalyanaraman. "Video Games Make People Violent—Well, Maybe Not That Game: Effects Of Content And Person Abstraction On Perceptions Of Violent Video Games' Effects And Support Of Censorship." Communication Reports 22.1 (2009): 1-12. Business Source Complete. Web. 25 Nov. 2013. Sabella, Russell A., “Negative Potential of Video Games.” 29 Apr. 2010. Web. 25 Nov. 2013. Yee, Leland., "Do Violent Video Games Contribute To Youth Violence?" 29 Mar. 2011. Web. 25 Nov. 2013. Eakes, Pamela., "Do You Know What Video Games Your Children Are Playing?” 29 Mar. 2011. Web. 25. Nov. 2013.
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