Effects Of The Second Great Awakening

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The Second Great Awakening falls under the AP theme: Culture and Society. The Second Great Awakening was meant as a way to restore religious values and practices in the country. Methodists, Baptists, and Presbyterians most prominently emphasized the revival and held large gatherings to gain new converts and followers. Followers of the new awakening accepted god back into their daily lives and dismiss rationalities of the new scientific changing word that clashed with traditional religious beliefs. To engulf a large majority of the population in religion, a great number of sects and denominations formed, with the idea that the more religious people were in general, the more devoted their own followers would be. The awakening included women and African Americans, forming their own sub-groups. The defeats Native Americans faced inspired them to…show more content…
The cause for the Awakening was the efforts of theologians to stop the influx of rationalism from the 1700s, which clashed with religious views. As well, the Christian church sought to revitalize their establishments by bringing in a new wave of converts and believers. The effect of the Awakening was the great participation of women in the new churches and African Americans developing communities around preachers. Their learnings of religious teachings made them develop plans for revolts for freedom, ultimately crushed but stirred racial unrest. Similarly, the awakening is just another instance in history where religious institutions seek to win over new believers by putting done any rational thought that came from the Enlightenment in years previous which may put religion aside as possibly unnecessary. The Second Great Awakening was important because it revitalized society with religious piety and a daily embrace of god in everyday life. It changed Native American and African American societies, bringing their cultures closer to those of white
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