Effects Of The Newspaper Industry On American Society

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The history of printed newspapers in America shows the effects the newspaper industry has had on American society during the development of the country. The distribution of news has presented many significant cultural changes in everyday American life impacts social, economic, education, political, religious and scientific knowledge. The early days in Colonial America were still under the influence of Royal control and the first attempt at publishing an American newspaper was suppressed, as the publisher had not been approved and given royal consent. The Revolution era saw the very first paper in 1690 and by 1776; the Declaration of Independence was printed two days after its signing. The next era was known as the Political press era. In 1783, the first daily paper started and in 1791, the Bill of Rights amended the first amendment known as the right to freedom of the press and free speech. The newspaper industry grew with its content focused on political news and was read by the upper class citizens. At the start of 1830, advancements in manufacturing made in printing press technology made production cheaper, faster and resulted in more availability for a wider range of audience. In addition, the level of literacy increased as education was more commonly accessible. The target audience grew as it shifted to a middle class readership and the paper 's content mirrored the changes to accommodate the interest of the people. The mass press was created and a new style of newspaper operation called the Penny Press began to operate. The Penny Press was introduced by the New York Sun in 1833. The paper sold for only one penny, this was cheaper than the six cents standard at the time. The Sun was unique because it featured local news, sex,... ... middle of paper ... ...e media revolution has brought with it the rise of mobile apps. Mobile apps are small software programs that users download to their personal mobile devices. Currently, newspapers like USA Today are doing well because of custom branded apps that appeal to mobile users, who in turn are downloading and accessing news content exclusively from USA Today’s news feed from digital data servers. In summary, the print newspaper industry has had a lot of important influence on our society and our national public attitude. The same message is important whether it is medium are the atoms of the printed newspaper or the bits of code from the online website. How it reaches, its destination might not be in the interest of the profits for corporations and advertisers, and ultimately, the newspaper 's business resources will have to adapt to the changes and re-align in new directions.

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