Effects Of The British Invasion

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Jazz, rhythm, and blues filled the houses and streets around the 1950s, but the 1960’s brought a brand new sound that some people were not ready for. This. Sound was rock and roll. The British Invasion brought a fresh, unique sound to the music industry in the 1960s and has had an huge influence in the music that is heard today. Many people think of the Beatles when the invasion is mentioned, along with the Who, the Kinks, the Yardbirds, the Animals, and many others. Apart from the Beatles, the Rolling Stones had a huge part in making the invasion the craze that it was, forever changing the music industry, and the way music was perceived. Mick Jagger and Keith Richards have known each other since 1951 as a result of growing up together…show more content…
By December, they released their second single “I Wanna Be Your Man,” written by Paul McCartney and John Lennon, making the British Top 15. January 1964, the Ronettes went on tour, bringing the Stones along with them. This was the Stones’ first British Tour. By April, their first record was publicized in the U.K., and a few months later the Stones took their first American tour.
Their cover of “The Last Time” came to be number one in the U.K. and was in the top ten in the U.S. by spring. The Rolling Stones later single, “(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction,” continued to be number one for four weeks, and is still widely recognized today ("The Rolling Stones Biography"). 1966 was the year the Rolling Stones released their first album,” Aftermath”, using only Jagger- Richards’ authentic lyrics. One year later, they had released three other albums ("The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame + Museum"). In January 1967, The Stones performed on The Ed Sullivan Show with the song “Let 's Spend The Night Together.” The Ed Sullivan show thought the song was too provocative, so instead of singing, Let 's Spend The Night Together Mick would sing Let 's Spend Some Time Together ("The Rolling Stones
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