Effects Of Texting On Writing

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Marywood University’s student Michael Cullington did a research on, if texting affects writing. Texting is an easy and common way to communicate these days, from businesses to teenagers. Everybody uses abbreviation of some words or sentences in texts to quicker the communication. Texting escapes people from making calls. “Textspeak” (130) is a term used for the new language of abbreviations, symbols and acronyms. People argue on the positive and negative affects on students writing skills due to this new language of texting. Truth is that texting does not harm the students writing abilities in anyway. In high school, there are only 1/4 % seniors who are skilled at writing as per the National Center for Education. Professors and teachers such as Naomi Baron often find abbreviations such as “‘2’ for ‘to’, ’gr8’ for…show more content…
Student writing would not be matter of concern, as students know the difference between talking to their friends and engaging into well instructed format for a formal paper. As Crystal mentioned, texting is just to speed up the communication. “A Better Pencil: Reader, Writers, and the Digital Revolution,” (134) by Dennis Baron included study in which the writer concluded that college students have already put away the use of abbreviation as they are not in middle schoolers anymore. In Cullington 's survey, many student had been texting for years and they use abbreviations such as “‘lol’, ‘gtg’” (135) and more. However, they do not use them in their formal writings. A study at midwestern university of research showed that abbreviation do not cause a problem to the students efficiency of spelling words. There survey, did not support the hypothesis - texting causes losing of spelling abilities. Cullington is a texter. She hardly notices herself use any abbreviation, however sometimes due to long messages she wants to use them to make process
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