Effects Of Texting On Teen Literacy

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The research will determine how text messages can be promoted for learning and literacy and the effect it will have on minors.The effects of the perceived decline of teenagers literacy due to limited frequency in uses via messaging such as texting, email, instant messaging and direct messing.The finding will come from articles, interviews and surveys that shows and tell the results of text messaging when it is being used and the right time to text.Texting is not always the cause of inclining and declining literacy rates, but it can be used to help literacy as well as increase teen and childhood performance in classrooms.

Introduction Texting is the new way of life, some even use to communicate.Even if a young child know how to work a tablet , especially know how to work a smartphone.Texting can hurt a child because of its shorthand word use. If the child do not know the right way to write or speak.A young child can get into danger from ages 8-14 year of age
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Texting is a gateway and primary source for a young child to communicate with friends, and people that is two or three times older than the minor 's age. A young child from ages 7 to 10 ,preteens and, teenagers, use texting in everyday life because it 's a easier way to communicate.The child does not understand that texting can cause social division with others, allow older individuals to take advantage of the situation because the child can not differentiate between right and wrong.Most parents do not know what the child is doing or who the child is texting after the age of 11. Most minors lose track of time because of texting, most are texting friends or on social media and by the time the minor is ready to go to sleep, it time for the child to get up for school. In some schools teachers having the student cell number to text the student asking for pictures for a
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