Effects Of Teen Pregnancy

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Throughout generations, teen pregnancy has been an alarming social issue that has been a concerning in the American race. Becoming a teen parent brings obstacles such as, lower expectations of graduating high school, not being able to attend college and decrease of success rate in the job industry. Obstacles in raising a child cannot only harm the adolescent childbearing mother but the child as well. Moreover, research has found that children of teens have a worse cognitive and behavioral outcome than older mothers (Teen pregnancy). Studies have found that the reason to these psychological problem is the result of the mother not being economically stable. The absence of a comforting income can cause many teen parents to rely on aid given…show more content…
In the book Kids Having Kids: “Researchers have found that many negative outcomes among teen mothers are the result off their disadvantage social and economic background before they had a baby” (Hoffman, Saul D). Teenagers that find themselves pregnant often have a hard time in school and end up affiliating themselves with dangerous individuals. Teen mothers who are hispanic often face financial instability because of their inability to speak the language. Obtaining knowledge of the main language is important towards financial success. Many teen mothers that don’t speak english end up in environments that are not suitable to them or children. By leaving in these low poverty urban areas increases the risk of early age sex,having a criminal record, sexual abuse, drug use and low academic test scores. Studies show that hispanic children raise by teenage mother are more likely to drink by 18 years of age, smoke marijuana, and be delinquents. Statistics that lead failure in the classroom and a dysfunctional future. Most time hispanic mothers are not the one at fault because of their inability in the workplace. There are many cases that hispanic mothers are forced to stay in low income communities because the complexity of their situation. Hispanics as well as other races are blame for the “root of urban
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