Effects Of Technology On Student 's Test Scores

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Steve Covey once said “The key is not to prioritize what’s on your schedule, but to schedule your priorities.” Multitasking was once thought to be a person being able to do two things at once, research has shown that it is simply our thoughts switching from one task to another, taking us away from accomplishing the important and urgent tasks that need our attention. Multitasking simply switches our thoughts between two tasks, resulting in poor concentration on both tasks. We are putting too much focus today on the unimportant, non-urgent tasks, and unable to focus on what needs our immediate attention until sometimes it is too late. Sarah D. Sparks wrote an article discussing the affect that technology has on student’s test scores. Technology has been proven to be very beneficial in our day to day lives, though through research, it has been proven that some technology used by students has decreased their test scores. For example, texting while taking a test causes lower scores, due to not fully being able to concentrate on the test being taken. Multitasking has been proven to lower student performance on tests, also causing them to perform poorly on memory and attention tests. Students ranging from the ages of 13 to 18 are said to be on more than six kinds of media while outside of school hours. In the multitasking article it talks about the tendency “to pay continuous partial attention,” resulting in a person being unable to completely concentrate on anything. It takes a person longer to multitask than it does for the person to complete two separate tasks, one after the other. Having to make a choice while multitasking will end up delaying the other tasks you need to accomplish. Multitaskers do worse on memory and attentio... ... middle of paper ... ...uickly! I have taken several steps towards moving what I feel are important and urgent tasks. In making my planning and scheduling a huge part of my weeks and days I have been able to move almost all of my activities from quadrant 1 into quadrant 2. I continue each day to remove unwanted distractions from my life and feel much more relieved after doing so. I know what is important to me and my success in life. (Joseph Landsberger) The important thing to remember is that multitasking is just not possible and will result in poor concentration. The most successful people we know didn’t get where they are by trying to do too much at once, they knew what they wanted and knew what needed to get done to accomplish a successful life. Remove unwanted distractions from your life, they will only stand in your way of the things that are important and urgent to your success!
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