Effects Of Taekwondo

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Is Taekwondo Making Taekwondo Students Aggressive? The word martial art is a synonym that can be perfectly replaced by warlike art, art of aggression, art of military. Taekwondo is a form of martial art that was formed to be part of a war fighting technique. Still, the art is used by the south Korean national army as part of training. And other veto powered nations like USA, Russia and china use it as part of their national army daily training routine. In the meanwhile, most people consider taekwondo as an art that helps students to be well disciplined and organized, clearly taekwondo was not formulated to be an art and neither is it serving as an art rather as a weapon of aggression over weaker once. Hence taekwondo is meant and used for a…show more content…
“Taekwondo is a martial art that originated 2 ,000 years ago in ancient Korea”. The art was created as a means of gaining more control over enemy soldiers.” The Silla warriors used taekwondo to fight of Japanese pirates with the help of Korguryo masters”. During this time, the solider were given six principals to apply while using this art such as loyalty to your country. These ancient principles are now changed to fit the modern ways of teaching such as the principle above is converted into loyalty to your friend. Also, the taekwondo federation consider this principle fit and effective enough to govern and conduct the students’ behavior as much as possible. However, most of the students don’t seem to care much about these principles. So, why do taekwondo students care less about the…show more content…
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