Effects Of South Slavery

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South Slavery
Slavery became a defining path in South America between 1800 and 1865. As a result of slavery, all aspects that controlled peoples’ lives in the Southern United States were affected. The aspects included; political, economic, social, and cultural. (Fogel, 1994, p. 34). The paper, therefore, seeks to explain the implications of slavery in the Southern American States.
Social Implications
The plantation owners became extremely wealthy. Between 1800 and 1865, thousands of slaves were taken to the south. This, therefore, meant that there was enough labor for the plantation owners. The owners who had many slaves made more money than those who had fewer slaves. As a result, there was the development of aristocratic upper-class in South …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that slavery became a defining path in south america between 1800 and 1865. the paper seeks to explain the implications of slavery in the southern american states.
  • Analyzes how slavery affected the lives of those who lived in the southern states such as alabama, louisiana, and mississippi.
  • Analyzes how slaves led to aristocratic upper-class development in south america. slavery increased population, resulting in the rise of foremen and supervisors.
  • Explains that slavery negatively impacted the economy of the southern states. the wealthy landowners owned significant portions of productive land and slave labor.
  • Analyzes how slavery affected the relationship between south america and north america. the rise of abolitionists in the north caused many northern politicians to view southern actions intolerable.
  • Explains that slavery led to cultural diversification, which resulted in the development of african american music and the ring shout.
  • Cites patterson, o., and fogel, r. w. (eds.) on rituals of blood and american slavery.

This resulted in the development of African American music. On Southern plantations, the roots of blues and gospel were introduced in work songs. The interaction led to the development of the inspired dance by the name, the ring shout. The dance grew from a fusion of American and the African culture (Patterson, 1998, p. 432).
Slavery affected the lives of those who lived in the Southern States such as Alabama, Louisiana, and Mississippi. It had political, economic, social and cultural implications thus affecting the development of the South. Slavery negatively affected the economy of the South because the landowners focused on the slave trade instead of getting involved in international trade. This is evident when the developments of the developments of the Southern States are compared with those of North America between 1800 and 1865. The social and cultural structure of both the slaves and the land owners were affected by the institution of slavery.

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Fogel, R. W. (Ed.). (1994). Without consent or contract: the rise and fall of American slavery. WW Norton &

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