Effects Of Solar Environment In The Philippines

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Nowadays, our environment has been experiencing several challenges that leads to it slight decline towards being damaged. Many things have occurred that has caused harm because of the effects of damage towards the environment. And as of now, we are seeing nature slowly depleting and getting destroyed due to the activities man engage to that consume our surroundings. These problems are now accepted as global problems since this issue affects the planet all throughout and not contained in only certain areas. Currently, we are facing issues that damage our planet slowly and yet despite finding ways on how to alleviate the problems, nothing seems to work since our planet still continuously shows signs of not improving.
According to the World Population Review (2013), the Philippines is ranked as the 12th most populated country in the world. With less than 100 million in population, there is no doubt that the country’s energy consumption and production has been increasing over time.

The Department of Energy states the Philippines’ main sources of energy come from natural gases, coal and petroleum. While all of these sources provide power and energy for the country, at the same time they also cause negative effects to the Philippine environment. Because of these sources, the country has been experiencing some issues regarding environmental problems such as large emissions of CO2 or commonly known as carbon dioxide that is one of the root causes of one of the biggest known factors of global warming, the Greenhouse Effect. These greenhouse gases come from burning millions of tons of CO2 that eventually harm the environment just by making contact with air, along with this it is also produced after having ...

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...from the sun, energy consumption will be at its lowest and cheapest.
In conclusion, solar energy should be utilized as the country’s primary source of electricity due to the fact that it has many benefits that would be good for several factors and do good not only for the environment but to the economy and the people of the country as well. As our country’s energy consumption increase rapidly annually, the government must find alternatives and be aware of the options that could save the country’s situation in terms of energy consumption and environment issues, which is why it is much more preferable to opt to use solar power because it is less costly, it is harmless to the environment, it is versatile and it will always remain as an abundant source of energy. All in all, solar energy must be our main source of power in order to improve the situation of the nation.
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