Effects Of Social Networking Essay

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The world is getting closer and closer every day and certainly everyone wants to stay connected. Technology has completely changed the way in which everyone communicates with each other. As a result, the relationships between youngsters, families and all the communities have been transformed to a large extent. Especially youth’s behavior when they are online is completely unrelated which will end up in disconnect between the use of technology and the gain of knowledge.
Is this change for better or worse?
Since when have we become so trivial that our virtual world takes over our actual life?
Social networking services can be described as a web based service that will allow the individual users to:
1. Build a public profile within a contiguous system.
2. Articulation of others with whom the users are already having a connection.
3. Negotiate or bridge all the connections and also those connections made by others in the system.
For today’s generation, everything that was considered very personal just a generation before, are all public now. The social networking sites and social media have revolutionized the world to an unbelievable extent. Being free is obviously the hook to this massive addiction, making it an intangible alcohol, merely impossible to get out of it. It is not just young people using social networking sites anymore- It’s everyone!! Social Networking reaches nearly one in four around the world and about 1.2 billion users. One third of the world’s social networkers are in Asia Pacific and Europe being the next.
The top most popular social networking sites can be listed as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google plus, Tumblr, Instagram and Myspace. Facebook is the dominant social network in 12...

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...ing about the loads of information provided by these sites, no one would really prefer going out and getting a newspaper for themselves, when they have the option to sit back at home and open a laptop where everything is so accessible and instantaneous. There is nothing wrong with being a social media fanatic, but it is important that we keep our feet on the ground and be realistic.
By the end of 2017, the entire global social network users will reach a total of 2.55 billion and just like anything else, what you get out of these social networking sites will totally depend on the way we utilize them. These sites have a possibility to both elevate and deteriorate the society. Social media and networking has a very rigid place in our future. It is hoped that all the capabilities of these interactive platforms will be enhanced and they help in building a better world.
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