Effects Of Social Media On Adolescents

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Social media is a big contributor to the way adolescents think. Social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Tumblr can all influence adolescents whether they realize it is doing so or not. Children and teenagers alike both use social media daily to interact and socialize with their friends and family members. Some of the effects social media has on adolescents are the way they develop and maintain relationships, how well they are doing in school, and how they seem to manage their time. Social media can be a bigger problem than anyone has thought it would be. Social networks can affect the way adolescents have relationships with peers and significant others. “. . . Adolescents are possibly the most essential time for social…show more content…
Teenagers who use social media a lot tend to have bad time management skills; they spend too much time on social media and forget the tasks on hand. “When alerted to a new social networking site activity… users take, on average twenty to twenty-five minutes to return to the original task.” (ProCon.org). Many users of social networks will get easily distracted when they receive a new notification on social media. A ton of adolescents have ADHD also known as attention-deficit/ hyperactive disorder, which means that they have a lower attention span already. When the amounts of children and teenagers have this disorder it makes social media a higher risk. Adolescents today are so addicted to social media they spend a ton of time on the sites. “40 percent of eight to eighteen year olds spend 54 minutes a day on social media sites” (ProCon.org). So basically, on average teenagers spend at least an hour on social media daily. That is a lot of time they could use doing something else. “…According to a study by online PhD, students spend roughly 100 minutes per day on Facebook” (Wang, Chen, Liang). This is just on the social network site Facebook what about other sites such as Twitter or Instagram? The time that students waste they could be doing something about the lower grades they have due to social
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