Effects Of Smoking On Dental Caries

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Effect of Tobacco Smoking on Dental Caries
Dental caries commonly known as tooth decay is a demineralization process of the tooth structure mainly due to bacteria. It could be caused by risk factors such as dryness of the mouth, poor oral hygiene, frequent high sugar intake, acidic environment etc. In this paper, I would like to discuss if smoking can directly cause any increase in dental caries.
Smoking tobacco can cause various harmful effects to the body including lung cancer, kidney cancer, heart problems, delayed wound healing and dental caries. Smoking causes dryness of the mouth which can lead to dental caries. Smoking can also cause periodontal problems which can lead to loss of bone structure and eventually tooth loss.
Smoking has been prevalent since many years and so has dental problems. As health care providers it is our responsibility to advise people the harmful effects of smoking and the dental related problems.
Patient’s presentation of condition or risk
The patient that I wish to discuss is Mr. P. His medical problems include Hypertension, hypercholesterolemia and depression which he is taking medications. He was a chronic chain smoker for about 25 years.

P- Tobacco smokers
I-Nicotine replacement therapy
C-Non smokers
O-Dental caries
Clinical question
Does Tobacco smoking affect dental caries in adult smokers compared to adults who do not smoke tobacco or smokers taking NRT?
My patient was a heavy smoker and he had lost many teeth. I was curious to know if there were a relationship between smoking and caries other than periodontal problems. The patient said he was not aware of the consequences of smoking and its effect on teeth, but later he found out and quit smoking. I w...

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... of poor oral hygiene and negligence of dental care. Smoking is a huge problem worldwide and it affects both overall health and oral cavity. Teeth are mainly affected due to periodontal problems. It can cause decreased salivary flow rate which leads to dental caries including root surface caries. Smokers should be advised the importance of quitting smoking and offered nicotine replacement therapy. Smokers have a tendency to stop NRT between the therapy and go into relapse. This should be avoided by proper motivation and guidance. Patients who are on NRT have to monitored to check the improvement and outcome of smoking. They should be educated of the effects of second hand smoking as well. Children or other family members especially in the house are more prone to SHS effects. This not only leads to dental caries in children, but affects the overall health of everyone
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