Effects Of Smart Phones Essay

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Kadlec, Dan. "How Smart Phones Are Changing the Way We Bank, Drive, Have Sex and Go to the Bathroom". Time Inc, 22 June. 2012. Web. 01 April.2016.

Dan Kadlec is a journalist and an author. He has written for TIME and other outlets for 25 years. He also published three books. His writing is outstanding in submissions that earned TIME the magazine award for General Excellence. His knowledge is very broad since he is a leading voice in the global financial literacy movement, and also a strategic adviser to the National Financial Educators Council. The article "How Smart Phones Are Changing the Way We Bank, Drive, Have Sex and Go to the Bathroom" emphasizes mainly on almost people who own and use their smartphones everyday for many
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Clearly, smartphones can make a lot of things easier in some way; however, "they are the source of gross distraction and rude behavior". This claim is stated directly from the article. Dan Kadlec uses many figures and sources such as ACI Worldwide and Aite Group, Lookout study to demonstrate a large number of people using mobile phones at the moment. Moreover, these data also present smart-phones owner concern and the rude impact that smartphones influence human. Clearly, 94% smartphone owners worry about losing their phones, but only 6% worry about "security issues related to their smart phone 's access to financial accounts". In addition, the frequency of checking and using the phones is fairly high, and people almost use their phones in every case, such as while in bed, on the toilet, during a meal and even during religious service. I think I can use the information in this article to write about the influence and negative effects of using smartphones in our lives.

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