Effects Of Sleep Deprivation On Students

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There have been a number of studies that studies the factors that may affect student’s academic performance. Several factors include social relationship, stress level, family, sleep, health, study habits and time management. Unfortunately, recent research is increasingly showing that there is an increase in the number of students that are not getting enough sleep, which can cause negative impact to their academic performance in school. Sleep is vital to one’s well-being. It is as important as the air that you breathe, the water that you drink, and the food that you eat. It is a very important component in each individual’s life and sleep problem has become more common in the present time. However, people often underestimate sleep and its importance. There are many studies that show the cause and effect of sleep deprivation. The bad academic performance of students at universities is one of the serious effects of having a poor quality of sleep. Recent statistics have shown that nearly two-thirds of American adults experience difficulties sleeping at least one night per week (Becker, Adams, Orr & Quilter, 2008), which indicates that there is a big possibility that college students are also suffering from sleep deprivation. Sleep deprivation is one of the most common sleep problems and it is defined as the condition of not having enough sleep. College students are well known for sleep deprivation, there was a high percentage of sleep problems, which shows that college students suffer more sleep problems than the regular adult population in the society (Flood, Brensinger, & Cheek, 2008). Most of the time, school activities will affect each student’s sleep schedule. Students in college community are also considered as busy individu... ... middle of paper ... ... best way to maximize performance on final exams is to both study and get a good night of sleep (AASM, 2007). However, most of the students did not know about this truth. They think that spending more time studying can increase their grade, but in fact, it is the other way around since they sacrifice their time to sleep. Students will feel tired while studying for the test the next day, which makes them perform inefficiently. Furthermore, students are not aware that their ability to memorize is decreasing gradually. As time pass by with not having enough of sleep, these consequences will stack up and they will discover that they cannot store anymore information in their memory. Students will find a hard time to study for a test. This will result in a bad performance for the test which will let the students have a bad grade and therefore a lower grade point average.
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