Effects Of Siblings

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Society can affect the way siblings act towards one another. For examples, they share two or more offspring from one parent whose genes dominate the other parent. Even though siblings genes are similar they can look and act differently. The factors that can contribute to the differences in siblings are the places in which they hold in family, gendered differences and how they were raised together/ separated. To illustrate, siblings can have different position in the family which are first, middle, and last. The first child are the ones who are usually responsible and mature as a result, they must take care of the younger siblings. The middle child is usually independent, deceiving, and gets little to no attention. Whereas the last child is spoiled and taken care of by the older siblings. Three siblings…show more content…
Female can be conservative, sweet, independent, mature, more emotional, and sometimes an open book to others while the male is childish, strong, and gets to do whatever they want. The female siblings are the more reliable and the most responsible because they are the one that is taking care of the house. The male siblings are the foundation and the base of the house, they are the strongest and the one to protect the house. The siblings gender has dissimilar roles which causes them to appear differently. Siblings can act different due to the way their parents treat them. Some of the parents tend to show favoritism to the siblings that they like more. This can cause jealousy towards the favored child which can cause the child to feel unwanted, abandoned and might want to hurt the other. The child that is favored will most likely get everything they want and be showered with love and compassion. Parents are the one the main reasons why siblings act different, so however the parents treat their children will affect how the kids act towards each
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