Effects Of Sexual Awareness Essay

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Sexual Abuse Awareness: What age is the right age for education? Sexual abuse awareness is a topic for all families and all walks of life to have at an early age for prevention and detection. Most sex abuse begins at an early age and many children do not know that they have been the victims of abuse if the abuse starts young enough, they just sense something does not feel right. Despite the intentional praying on ones’ youth as to prevent detection of the abuse, once a child reaches a certain age the feeling or indication of inappropriate touch transcends. It is the responsibility of parents, family, health care providers, we as nurses, and the community to protect and promote awareness of this history of a silent, but life altering abuse. However, many struggle with the introduction of such an unthinkable, but real problem, what age is the right age for awareness. Could love, affection, and protection, during ones’ childhood be the key to break the cycle of abuse. Sexual Child Abuse What is it sexual abuse of a child, it is the physical, verbal maltreatment or sexual molestation of a child. This form of abuse can be directed towards the innocence of both male and female children. The effects of child abuse are agreed upon by experts that child abuse is a global issue…show more content…
These children are more prone to becoming victims of child abuse, scares that last a lifetime (Strawbridge, 2014). Providing parents with the knowledge of the need for love and affection to be given to their children from infancy is a large role of the nurse who interacts with families before their children are born. Community nursing can be one of the key components to breaking the cycle of child abuse before it begins and providing protection to a child in need by recognizing the signs and symptoms of sexual abuse early in its

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