Effects Of Rape And Rape Culture

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Rape and rape culture are very real and present problems with our post-secondary system. Not a day goes by without a new revelation, number or statistic coming to light. Not a day goes by without feminists screaming to “take back the night” and men’s rights advocates crying for sex. There probably isn’t a person in existence who doesn’t have an opinion on the issue. There is so much focus on it, millions of dollars going into solving it. So, now there is a question we must ask ourselves - why is none of it working? Why are rape numbers increasing, instead of the other way around? Rape numbers are not decreasing because no one wants to address the root causes of the issue. Universities and colleges don 't want to crack down on alcohol abuse…show more content…
They insist that these rapes are isolated incidents, and most certainly have nothing to do with an attitude prevalent on campuses everywhere. Rapes, to them, are simply the result of drunken college students making poor judgements. “It was an unfortunate mistake,” they say. However, a quick study of the evidence shows that defence to be completely false. There is overwhelming evidence that most rapes are premeditated. Lisak says that most, contrary to popular belief, don’t stem from “mixed signals” or “dates gone bad”. Nine out of ten campus rapes are perpetrated by serial rapists. He himself admits to having previously harboured what he calls a “naive schema” that these numbers “may be true about crime in the community or crime in the military but surely university students are different. Turns out they’re not. But it’s a mental step to understand that there are a small number of repeat sex offenders who enroll in universities just as there are sex offenders in the military” (“Myths”). The simple fact that the majority of rapists are repeat offenders indicates a flawed mentality. One rape could possibly be a lapse in judgement, but two? For multiple rapes, the perpetrator has to believe his actions are okay. Nine out of ten rapists believeing their actions are okay indicates a prevalent, flawed mentality; one that universities fail to recognize. Progress cannot be made because universities are too afraid of damaging their reputation to even acknowledge rape