Effects Of Racial Discrimination In The 1960's

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Racial discrimination was going on in the United States for centuries, even before our founding fathers formed. Discrimination in the racial aspect was still strongly profound in America even after the formation of the founding fathers and the United States Constitution. When the Constitution was written African Americans inherited a limited amount of civil rights but civil rights nonetheless. Not only were there clauses presented in the Constitution that prevented the African Americans from exercising their rights but they were also strongly discouraged to practice the civil rights that were given to them. The discouragement came from the dominant White American extremists. The racial divide in the United States during the 1960’s was an eye opener for activists, whether black or white. The segregation between the two colors was a disgrace, the United States was supposed to be the land of the free but unfortunately some were too closed minded to see this. The events that took place during the 1960’s started a new revolution to a new era. Though it took a lot of time and hardship, segregation between the Whites and the Blacks were slowly but surely coming to an end. Dr. Martin Luther King, President John F. Kennedy and his brother Robert Kennedy, whom was Attorney General during the civil rights movement, and many influential figures, contributed their approval for this movement. They also instilled sense of confidence and security to the African Americans and civil rights activists. The 1960’s were a time when the African Americans and others have had enough of racism. These groups decided to fight for the Black people to have their civil rights set into motion rather than being suppressed. People were joining together to create a... ... middle of paper ... ...southern states had 48% of the African American population and only about 11% were registered to vote (classdisscusion.2/11/14). The Civil Rights Movement eventually turned the failed ideals into successful ones. By 1966 the black voter registration in the region increased by 40 percent compared to the early sixties (Burner,p.47,1996). That number is most likely still increasing today. The activists in the 1960’s fought for equal rights of future American citizens and it didn’t go unappreciated. The events that occurred during the 60’s changed American history in a positive way. Racism is inevitable but all is well with the absolute protection of our civil right. After reading about how the racial divide impacted American society and how most citizens came together to protect one another’s civil rights I would say that our nation is living up to its professed ideals.

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