Effects Of Ozone Depletion

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The ozone layer is a key component to all life on earth. The ozone layer is up in the stratosphere protecting us from the harmful UV rays emitted by the sun. Without the ozone layer, detrimental effects can range from premature aging in the skin to multiple types of skin cancer. In this project, I will be discussing ozone depletion. I will be talking about ozone depletion causes, changes, effects, and the future of ozone depletion.

Ozone depletion is a huge problem in the world. Though we have managed to somewhat control it over the years, it still poses a threat. Ozone depletion, like most pollution, is majority caused by humans. One of the main causes in ozone depletion is chlorofluorocarbons(CFCs). CFCs are chemicals
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The ozone absorbs solar UV radiation which makes the stratosphere hot. The ozone also absorbs infrared radiation that comes from the earth’s surface, trapping the heat in the troposphere. Ozone depletion has severe repercussions on humans, animals, and plants. As I stated earlier, exposure to UV rays can cause a number of problems to all life. One of the big ones is skin cancer. Not commonly expressed, but important nonetheless, UV rays also have a great effect on the marine ecosystem. It adversely affects plankton which has a very important role in the food chain and oceanic carbon cycle. The effects to the plankton will eventually effect the whole ocean ecosystem.

UV rays will also affect the plants. What it does is it changes the time period in some plant species. It can also directly affect the plant growth by changing the physiological and developmental processes of the plants. Ozone is necessary to block harmful ultraviolet radiation from touching the earth’s surface. That’s why it is very necessary to keep an eye on global ozone levels. Not just people would suffer, animals and plants would too. Water life would also suffer since UV rays can reach certain depths before
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It’s a lot of stores that sell natural products that you can use ad are a lot safer for the ozone layer. Pesticides are good for weeds but bad for the ozone. Try using natural methods or stop being lazy and mow your grass regularly to stop weed growth. That’s common sense. As scientific research is increasingly being conducted. Very movie like weapons are being created such as rocket launchers, without caring about the fact that it destroys the ozone layer. Although it’s not as harmful to the ozone as CFCs, it still causes damage. Overtime they will become a huge problem for the ozone. They banned CFCs but not nitrous oxide in the Montreal protocol. It is the most fatal chemical that is able to harm the ozone but is still used. Another way that you can prevent ozone depletion is to limit the private vehicle driving which basically means carpool. The more vehicles mean more smog which is yet another factor in the depletion of the ozone. Not only carpool but bike ride, walk, or electric
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