Effects Of Online Shopping And Consumption Rate

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Online Shopping Increases Consumption Rate
The argument about the success of online shopping never ends. From the appearance of online shopping people were consider about its success. It was hard for the online shopping to change the stereotype of shopping in the consumer mind. Nonetheless, through many years the concept of online shopping proved its presence. Online shopping is not just became more preferable for the consumers. It also, increases consumption rate. Through very simple and intelligence features online shopping built its success. Over its availability, recommendations lists and social presence online shopping get in the real market.
To start with, online shopping availability made a significant advantage for the consumer. Its
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Every website has this feature, in the bottom of the page, under any product. This feature serves many items in the same category or items related of the product, these items belong to the title of “Customers Who Bought This Item Also Bought” or “You might like this”. Nonetheless, is it same logical? How these recommended by anonymous source affect on the consumer decision? Andreasen’s (1968) separated the information sources in the media 's environments for four groups: (1) Personal source providing personalized information (e.g., “My sister says that this product is best for me.”); (2) Personal source providing non-personalized information (e.g., “A renowned expert says that this product is the best.”); (3) Impersonal source providing personalized information (e.g., “Based on my profile, the recommender system suggests this product.”); (4) Impersonal source providing non-personalized information (e.g., “According to Consumer Reports, this is the best product on the market.”). Consequently, the fourth group was the Consumer Reports, which is recommendation from anonymous people. Now days, recommendations list does not just takes the part of Consumer Reports. It moved to more influential level. In Sylvain Senecal and Jacques Nantel’s study “The influence of online product recommendations on consumers’ online choices” the result proved that “This type of information source indeed influences consumers’ online product choices, and that it is more influential than conventional recommendation sources.”. Based on the foregoing, online shopping overcome the real market and the traditional information sources by simple tool which is the recommendations list’s
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