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Are nursing homes beneficial or are they the cause of accelerated death? There are numerous families that are concerned about their loved one 's health when they are placed into a nursing home. First, what are some of the reasons for families to place their loved one’s into a nursing home? Second, what is Alzheimer’s and Dementia? Third, what are the reasons for the decline in residents cognitive behaviors? Finally, how can we help change the acceleration of cognitive decline? Nursing homes are suppose to be helping the residents maintain their health as long as they can but are they helping the residents? If nursing homes are more suitable for the well being of the suffering loved one, then why is the decline of cognitive behavior accelerating?…show more content…
The study involved 432 older adults with Alzheimer 's disease who were recruited from a healthcare setting in the Chicago area (2007). At six month intervals for up to four years, they completed nine cognitive tests (2007). During this time, 155 persons were placed in a nursing home, and the placement was associated with a more rapid cognitive decline (2007). The increase of cognitive decline upon placement may reflect the difficulty adapting to an unfamiliar environment and lack of a normal schedule they once had (2007). When being in an unfamiliar place, people will feel lost or confused, this is what being in a nursing home does to the residents. It will feel like a cage to them. They are trapped and do not know their way out. They become upset because they yearn to go home to where they know it is safe and they are bored as a result of no longer being able to dilly dally around their yard or in their house. Home is a place they need to be and being in a nursing home takes away everything they have ever…show more content…
Nursing homes help assist residents with daily activities such as: bathing, dressing, eating and drinking, using the restroom, and helping with their medications (Nemirow, 2011). Families will no longer be burdened with finding time to take care of their loved one while they are in a safe nursing home. Nursing homes make sure they help the residents with daily activities and make sure that they are included in events that take place during all hours of the day. The families will no longer have to worry about their loved one being alone at home or having no one to talk to. Nursing homes encourage residents to come out of their rooms to play games, converse with other residents, enjoy meals with other residents, and more. Since the majority of residents in nursing homes have either Dementia or Alzheimer 's, they need round the clock care and a tight run schedule (Hardison Wood, 2013). Nursing homes will provide all of this. Not only are nursing homes successful in this aspect, but they are allowing the family to provide the loving care and interaction that they have not been able to do because of the overwhelming physical nature of the care they were providing at home

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