Effects Of Menopause

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Menopause symptoms and treatment
Menopause is the end of female reproductive cycle. This is also a natural process of aging that happens to every woman at the stage of early 50s. Menopause brings the end of menstrual cycles and the reason behind this is the reduced production of female hormones. It is not a disease, but a new phase in woman's life that happens as she gets older.
This process starts before the actual menopause symptoms are experienced:
1. Hormonal levels fluctuate and eventually become very low and monthly menstruation stops sometimes the age varies among women and it can occur even at the age of 45 or 46.
2. Vaginal dryness. Vaginal lubrication becomes inadequate and cause serious disturbance, pains and aches. Normal pain
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Natural remedies for menopause Following are some natural remedies for menopause: 1. Take plants containing estrogenic substances to increase the level of estrogen and body increase.
The intake of plants which are high in estrogen such as soy beans, crushed flax seeds, soy sprouts, sesame seeds, green beans, pumpkin seeds,yams, wheat, cucumbers, corn, anise seeds, apples, beets, papaya, olive oil, sunflower seeds, cabbage, olives, peas, and oats are vital sources of estrogen and moreover high in vitamins minerals and fiber which are beneficial for menopause as well as for overall health.
2. Amond oil, geranium oil, vitamin E capsule. Take small amount of almond oil, two drops essential oil of geranium and one vitamin E capsule 1000 IU and combine the ingredients. Thoroughly apply the combination both outside and inside the vagina for two times a day. This is an effective natural home remedy for menopause.
3. Drink water.
Water answers to every organs of the body. Nothing can substitute drinking plenty of water. Consume at least eight glasses of distilled steamed water. It will lessen the hot
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