Effects Of Legalizing Prostitution

Prostitution-Legalize it?
Tracy M. Prucein
Palm Beach State College
Prof. Roberson_230675

If escorts and porn industries are a legal business, why can't prostitution be legalized it is the same thing as what supposedly these professional businesses make their money. Making prostitution legalized is to protect men and women who do this for a living. When it comes to legalizing prostitution, there is a negative and positive effect in the world, but I believe prostitution legal or not it will still continue. Let me elaborate.
In some corners, you would see on the billboard advertising on escorts in certain states/countries and porn industries do advertising as well. How I see it, whether you are in the escorts or
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It is heartbreaking, I do not wish death upon anybody, but the fact that prostitutes get killed and the law cannot do anything about it because the position as a prostitute it becomes a closed case. They are many cold cases that the victims, who are prostitute still to this day their case has never been solved. For example, The unsolved murders of 10 women in Baton Rouge. One of the victim's family members was devastated by the lack of progress in the case. Some worry that Diana's' lifestyle (prostitute) might be the reason that police haven't solved it. In the early stages of the investigation, detectives didn't work the case hard enough. I know that prostitution is not a good working environment to be in, but no matter what men and women do in the streets, we must protect and give them the respect they deserve. They are human just like us, so we should not turn our backs on them like there garbage. Legalizing prostitution may decrease sexually transmitted diseases on both sides. For instance, Researchers at the 20th International AIDS Conference in Melbourne, Australia, presented a new paper in which they studied HIV among female sex workers in Canada, India, and Kenya. They found that infections could be reduced by 33…show more content…
I know that prostitution is somewhat not a good working field, but for some people, it is the easy way to take care of their family and/or men and women have the right to make their own decision on being a prostitution. In addition, legalizing prostitution I say will help the government and people who choose to work in that particular field will give them the support and the protection they deserve instead of being looked at as a criminal for something that they are doing to make ends meet. No matter the choices some people make as a prostitute, they are human beings and they should be treated with respect and have protection from the government. Though the choices they make is not what people recommend, prostitutes have the right to make their own decision no matter what the case maybe we the people should support including the
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