Effects Of ISO 9001 Quality Management System

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Author(s) :
Vahid Nabavi, Majid Azizi and Mehdi Faezipour

Purpose / Aim of Study :
The purpose of this paper is to discuss the effect of the ISO 9001 quality management system on customer satisfaction and show an application of an analytic hierarchy process (AHP) - based method for measuring the customer satisfaction index (CSI). AHP based method is based on paired comparison and allows managers to measure and compare various options. This will be useful to those who wants to have an ISO 9001 quality management system in his or her organization. In aiming of attracting new customers and retaining the existing customers, this study has tried to examine the effects of quality management system implementation, based on the requirements of ISO
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Theory : No theory is used in this study.

Research Methodology :
This paper describes an ISO 9001 quality management implementation process based on ISO 9001 requirements, and uses the AHP method for weighting effective criteria on customer satisfaction. All data were obtained via questionnaire and assessed with EXPERT CHOICE 11 software. In order to conduct research and to examine the effects of implementation of ISO 9001 on customer satisfaction, various measures have been taken. The measures include (1) identification of the criteria affecting customer satisfaction with the studied product which is kitchen worktops. In this measure, 19 criteria affecting kitchen worktops customer satisfaction were
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Moreover, ISO 9001 quality management system increased the customer satisfaction index within the 11-month period of this study. Some of the actions taken by the company studied to improve product quality, were by using imported resources which have higher quality. It also apply continuous quality control through implementation of a quality control department, and recruit educated staff, which then have had a negative effect on customer satisfaction with the product price. However, the increased cost of importing raw materials and the problems arisen from political conditions have not been affective. Also, low-risk short-term economic benefits regarding new investments for increase production and the achievement of new markets could affect the decisions of senior management and, despite the customers’ satisfaction with the payment terms, provide the necessary financial resources through hardening payment terms. In order to assure the effectiveness of the system towards customer satisfaction, a strategic decision from top manager is needed. This indicates that the implementation of quality management system alone does not ensure the efficiency, and the support from top manager also has an important role in meeting the customer
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