Effects Of Human Trafficking In Bangladesh

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There are various forms of slavery, whether people choose to believe it or not. Nearly 100 years ago, African-Americans were targeted and in 1926, former U.S President Abraham Lincoln banned slavery. Giving the idea that every man and woman is free. Now nearly 100 years later we’re in the same boat, again. With a new form of slavery, human trafficking. These two articles are trying to solve the ongoing issues of human trafficking and how to stop the epidemic. Biswas creates a better understanding of human trafficking in her article, “Human Trafficking Scenario in Bangladesh: Some Concerns”. Biswas explains the migration of human trafficking in great detail, while also explaining the traffic train. Providing the audience with the view that human…show more content…
A significant number of women and children are displaced from their homes and trafficked to various parts of the country. But though there is internal trafficking, majority of the trafficking in Bangladesh is cross border. (Biswas, 2015, p. 87)
Not only are people being forced to leave their homes, they are being forced to migrate to different countries. Biswas does a good job providing the information for her logos, but allowing the reader to fully understand the extent the traffickers take so they don’t get caught. That there are multiple ways around the world, and that no path is the same. Biswas also does a superior job describing the trafficking chain. There is so much more that goes along with human trafficking, the traffickers are smart, and quick on their feet. There are so many people involved in one migration of “slaves” than one would think. Biswas explains, “It is often very difficult to establish any direct link between recruiters and the abusive employers at the end of the trafficking chain” (Biswas, 2015, p. 88). No trafficker takes the same paths and no trafficker does things the same way, which Biswas explains
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This article may be on the same topic but, his views on the subject are rather different than Biswas’. In the article “The Wrong Cure for Sex Trafficking,” Weissmuller (2014), he submits the idea that if human trafficking was made legal, it wouldn’t be the great big epidemic it is today. He explains this when he wrote, “When you legalize something, it takes all the nonsense out of the business," says Hof” (Weissmuller, 2014, para. 6), he is providing the reader with the idea that when something is legalized it more or less goes away. Which is not always the case, he does a poor job justifying his claim that making prostitution legal would take away all the nonsense out of the business. Weissmuller uses Nevada as an example because Nevada is the only state that made prostitution legal. Weissmuller illustrates that by providing sex services that ultimately, human trafficking would eventually stop when he says, “It 's the oldest profession, and it 's not going to go away until everyone doesn 't want to have sex anymore," says Hof. "So give me an alternative” (Weissmuller, 2015, para. 11). Which would be legal prostitution but, his argument doesn’t guarantee that human trafficking would
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