Effects Of Horror Movies

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Over the years horror movies have become a big part of cinema business. Teenagers and adults like to watch scary movies because of the adrenaline rush. Every scary movie includes unexpected scenes that make the movie interesting and frightening. It is very terrifying that, parents are allowing their children to watch horror movies. This can be very harmful for children’s mental health. Watching really scary movies and cartoons, and even playing scary games, has many lasting side effects on children. When we watch those horror movies with kids, unknowingly we might hurt their feelings. To be more precise, it can easily affect their nervous systems. Unexpected loud scenes in horror movies may scare children easily. Horror movies can create negative…show more content…
During this period of time it’s hard for them to realize the difference between the fantasy and reality. It’s obvious that some young kids live in their fantasy magical worlds. Imagine what could happen if their minds are filled with bloody monsters, mutants, zombies, and ghosts. I think that those imaginary characters can create violence and hate in an early age. It is well known that movies with scary images, loud noises, and blood can create all types of disturbances. For instance, studies were made by the University of Michigan, which were focused on the influences of horror movies on children. They learned that 52 percent of kids who watched terrifying movies had very negative symptoms. They showed to have fears, sleep disruptions, shaking, anxiety and many more side effects. Most shockingly, those bloody and scary images from the movie will last for years. Some negative effects such as increased heart rate and shortness of breath may haunt kids until their…show more content…
Samuel is very interested with magic tricks, bedtime stories, and building homemade weapons to fight against his imaginary monsters. One day, his mom reads him a story about bloody Babadook. Later, he starts to threaten other kids at his school. Even more shockingly, he starts to make more weapons to fight against Babadook. Over all, the movie is very scary, there are some screens that I couldn’t even watch. Even I’m not scared of dark or any bugs, the images on the movie really scared me. I think the character Samuel is the basic example of how horror media could create violence and hostility. I think any kid would feel same way as Samuel

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