Effects Of Homeless People In The Homeless

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The issue
The issue I am concerned about is of homelessness. There are many people who are living in the streets, hungry, cold and lonely. According to estimates, 100 million people worldwide are literally homeless. They have no shelter: they sleep in doorways, in parks or under bridges. Or they sleep in public buildings like railway or bus stations, or in night shelters set up to provide homeless people with a bed. (Leach, Monte. "A Roof Is Not Enough - a Look at Homelessness Worldwide, by Monte Leach, Share International Archives." N.p., 12 Jan. 2016).
New York is the second place where there are more homeless people. In New York there is a street where a lot of homeless people stay during the day and night. The government declared homelessness
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The number of homeless New Yorkers sleeping each night in municipal shelters is now 91 percent higher than it was ten years ago. ("Poverty." About. Web. 24 Feb. 2016). African-American and Latino New Yorkers are disproportionately affected by homelessness. Approximately 58 percent of New York City homeless shelter residents are African-American, 31 percent are Latino, 8 percent are white, less than 1 percent are Asian-American, and 3 percent are of unknown race/ethnicity (“Basic Facts About Homelessness: New York City - Coalition For The Homeless.” Coalition For The Homeless. Web. 01 Mar.…show more content…
Media can be bias, so that is why you have to do more than one search and know what is the bias. This website “End Homelessness” has a bias by selection of source. In the article it says “ While circumstances and vary,” the website does not talk about the other problems that can cause homelessness. The article says, “It is the scarcity of affordable housing in the United States, particularly in more urban areas where homelessness is more prevalent, that is behind their inability to acquire or maintain housing.” It only focuses on not having an affordable home. The website also mentions the types of groups that can become homeless and why. The groups are families, youth, veterans, and chronic homelessness. According to the website the reason why all these groups can become homeless are because of financial crisis, family conflicts, physical problems or mental illness. Basically, we all can become homeless, but not just because we cannot afford a home. Most problems that can lead to homelessness can happen to anyone even the richest person. Homelessness is not just about not having money, but it is also not having any support from family or friends. Even homelessness is expensive. While searching on major news sources like Fox News and MSNBC, only one or no information was found about homelessness. Instead the cites brought up other topics that had nothing to do with my searched. It seems like
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