Effects Of Hiroshima And Nagasaki

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 Introduction: Back in long times ago, when the world is depth in wars. Every country, every nation get involved in the fight to satisfy their greedy, to take benefit or natural resource from other country. The deadliest war in history, in terms of the cumulative number of deaths since its start, is the Second World War, with 60–85 million deaths. Weapons, soldiers, battleships…etc., are all the divides that used in the war. However, the strongest and deadliest is nuclear bomb, which is known as the most feared weapon of all time. It’s been use once time and did the most damages and death overall the Second World War. Unfortunately, Hiroshima and Nagasaki were the targets of these destroyers. After Germany had been got out of the war, The United States seems to be had more advantages to finish the whole war because Japan is the only once left. However, Japan was still fighting vigorously, and the bombing of Pearl Harbor caused the United States a huge heart attack. At that time, Scientist of United States and Germany still working on the theory of Einstein: E= mc2 , to figured out the new devastating weapon that help United States end the war in once attack. After getting the agreement of the United President at that time, Harry Truman, two bomber planes were loaded with nuclear bombs, and were sent out to finish the long and deadly war for once. Hiroshima was the first target; the destruction it caused created havoc in the city. The second once is dropped to Nagasaki. It was like two huge punches in the face of United States to Japan. Later on, Japan could not do anything with that lost, they decided to surrender. The Allied force won the battle but what is the cost for that damages? Thousands of Japanese citizens dead, even ... ... middle of paper ... ...clear arms should be spread out over several different nations and power should not be given to a specific handful of countries. If one country has the ability to begin a nuclear war, so should others. What is it that makes the United States so much better than the rest of the world? Why should they be able to define who is capable of harnessing nuclear weapons and who is not. Given, this is a dangerous weapon. However, if it is that dangerous, should it be able to exist at all? Shouldn’t the concept of nuclear warfare be scrapped altogether? In my opinion, it’s either all or none. Give everyone nuclear weapons or destroy every nuclear warhead that exists on this earth. No country should have the right to control other countries, regardless of how powerful they are. We all live on this earth, and we should learn to coexist in the least discriminatory way possible.
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