Effects Of Greenhouse Gases

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Greenhouse gases is a type of gaseous that absorbs the radiation in the atmosphere and it will let the temperature on the Earth increase. Greenhouse gases were caused by many factors. Electricity is the biggest caused of greenhouse gas emissions. Over 70% of our electricity comes from burning fossil fuels, mostly coal and natural gas. Transportation such as cars, ferries, planes and more. When these vehicles are moving, some black gases will be pumped out through the gas pipe of the vehicles. It is gases that are unhealthy, and it will caused the greenhouse gases. And also, the industries around the world. It will produce Carbon Dioxide, which is the greenhouse gases from the factory when they burn the fossil fuels for energy as well as greenhouse gas emissions from some of the chemical reactions. And agriculture, greenhouse gases emissions come from animals such as cows, rice production and soils. The greenhouse gas emissions are from residential too. The use of certain products that contain greenhouse gas involved in the development of houses. Greenhouse gases will trap heat on Earth and it will affect the temperature. It will let the Earth getting warmer day by day which we called it as Global Warming. The sea level will rise too. Higher temperatures will let the ice at the Antarctica melts, and the water will flow into the sea. And as the glaciers melt, the animals like polar bears and penguins that live there will become homeless because their habitat was taken away from the nature. Higher sea levels will threaten the low-lying coastal areas such as the Netherlands. It will always affect the weathers, some places will become more warmer and some will become more cooler. The plants, animals and even people might find it diffic... ... middle of paper ... ... light, air-conditional or cars. We can reduce emissions through simple actions like changing a light bulb, powering down electronics, using less water, and recycling. We should also avoid buying new house, so that the developers will not develop the forest to build our house. In conclusion, greenhouse gases emissions will caused us a lot of problems, we should reduce it. We should not have that much of factory and vehicles in a country, it will caused greenhouse gases. Greenhouse gas will take away the habitat of the animals. The glaciers will melt and increase the sea level if we didn’t do anything. But if we stop all greenhouse gases emissions, global climate change will stop. It will not have all of those problems such as sea level rising, change of weather and temperature getting warmer. Not only saying on the mouth, we need to really doing it to save the Earth.
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