Effects Of Globalization On Iran

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In this study, I aim to determine the effects of globalization on Middle Eastern society, particularly that of Iran. By globalization, I mean the expansion of influence via growing global economies, particularly that of the west, and its unique and very common interaction with the Middle East. Aside from economical expansion, I also include military, political and cultural expansion, or globalization, by that of western cultures and states onto Middle Eastern societies. Cultural expansion can be an effect of economic globalization, as well as military presence in or around a said area. International politics also play a role in affecting cultures, as politics are quite intertwined with economics and military action. Economically, globalization has caused the distribution of wealth to shift dramatically. This is due to many causes, but the oil industry in particular is the source of much of the changes in Middle Eastern society. Iran is no exception, with the oil industry casting a great shadow on the nation’s economy. Obviously, the oil industry also dominates the global economy, therefore bringing many different factors into the Middle East. The pursuit of a “competitive business environment”, international business and political pressures combined with internal and international cultural conflicts, military presence and international image all play huge roles in impacting society. I will be exploring these three variables: GDP, Effect(s) on culture, and rate of growth. The question I seek to answer is not necessarily “why,” but “how?” By asking how globalization affects Iran and the Middle East, we can then determine why, and the larger impact on global society. What I seek to discover are the actual effects on Iran as a countr... ... middle of paper ... ...efore, economic expansion also brings about cultural expansion. Along with that come political issues, social issues, and certainly military conflicts, all of which continue to fan the flame of the already occurring globalization. In conclusion, is globalization a good thing for Iran? According to my research, time can only tell. In the recent past, it paints a negative picture. Perhaps Iran would be better off as a completely independent country, operating only within a very limited sphere of similar cultures and states. However, it is also proven that globalization is a good thing, and may even be a necessity for Iran. But that process produces many difficult clashes socially, culturally and politically. Therefore, time will only tell if continued globalization will see socio-political issues resolved and if Iran can see positive growth and embrace globalization.

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