Effects Of Gang Culture On Youth

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What causes the youth to want to become a part of the gang lifestyle? As youth become more adapt to social groups and cliques in society. It can be a truly tough experience to belong in a group with your peers. Youth in America join and become entangled in the gang life, due to lack of a solid social institutions, having access to power, feeling of safety and finally receiving respect from their community. Gangs are popular in today’s society, such as youth related crime has been growing, but an extent and coheres reason for the crimes committed by gang members is slowly beginning to become excessive. Gangs consists of more than two people from the ages of ten to twenty two. During this age life lessons are sustainable and important life lessons…show more content…
Shows like American gangster and Menace to Society provide visual effects of what it’s like to be feared and powerful. As for fashion tattoos and specific colors of clothing, which can help other gang members identify with each other. Factors like these can push youth into believing being a gang can be beneficial to their lifestyle. Gang culture is not likely to be circumstantial or have a positive outlook on youth culture. Youth growing up in a place of crime, danger and drug invested places. The environment you live in can change your behavior and personality, for example Las Angeles has at least 850,000 children living in crime filled areas as for gang affiliated areas only 290,000 live there as well. Also due to the children living in high crime areas, 27 percent developed symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder. Youth tend to develop mental stress due to multiple events of crime in their neighborhood. Such events could be family violence, disasters and community violence. (“Youth Gang Involvment”2013). Gangs can be detrimental to adolescences growing up within their neighborhood. Due to this they will lead to misconception of gang

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