Effects Of Eutrophication

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Eutrophication is the over-enrichment of nutrients in a body of water, due to runoff from the land, which causes a condensed growth of plant life. This occurrence also causes death of animal life from lack of oxygen (Oxford Dictionary, 2016). The nutrients that become overly abundant are nitrogen phosphorus which causes problems in most natural environments. The problems caused by this nutrient are hypoxia and harmful algae blooms. Hypoxia is the depletion of oxygen. If oxygen is taken out of the water where organisms live and breathe then they will die. Some marine life can move to different locations and obtain more oxygen. However, most marine life is immobile or slow moving and suffocates. Algae blooms are not always harmful, but when mixed…show more content…
Nutrients are released into the water systems, mainly by sewage or by fertilizer run off. This leads to the increase of algae growth and as the algae grows it dies. After the algae dies it is decomposed by bacteria that use oxygen as energy. This depletes the oxygen in the water and causes animal and plant life to die (World Resources Institute, 2008). In addition, eutrophication can produce other problems for the environment. Eutrophication decreased the ability for light to penetrate through the water’s surface. This decreased the rate in which plant life can grow. When plant life grown is stopped or slowed down, an ecosystems food chain can be damaged. If an ecosystems food chain is altered, then some animal and plant life will die out completely and others will be forced to change their sources of energy (Muir,…show more content…
Many organizations fight to help control the rate at which eutrophication occurs due to human activity. In 1972, the United States government passed a federal law that regulates the pollutants in all sources of water. This was called Federal Water Pollution Control Act, but was later changed to The Clean Water (Environmental Protection Agency, 2016). This was passed because many people were drinking unclean water and when people drink contaminated water they get sick. In addition, the fishing industry was suffering from the pollutants being deposited into their fishing territory. A survey conducted by the Federal Department of Agriculture found that the fishing industry was losing three million dollars each year from toxic pollutions and other problems including eutrophication (Public Broadcasting Service, 2002). Both big business and ordinary people suffer when their water supply is overly enriched. Families all around the world are living without clean bathing and drinking water. Unfortunately, about forty percent of the world’s population live in areas that are consider water impoverished (World Resources Institute, 2008). This means that not only are poor countries struggling with this epidemic, but here in the United States we have clean water problems as well. In our activity: Fertilizer/Eutrophication #2, we discovered the root cause of fish kill in lakes is the depletion
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