Effects Of Early Classes On Students ' Academic Performance

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Morning Classes I’m pretty sure most students hate getting up super early in the morning to go to class. I think that it is just the worst thing ever! Starting later in the day seems to provide a more awake environment for students. The ones who are awake are more likely to succeed, while in the first couple of early morning classes and students are sleepy and not really learning. In my opinion I think that morning classes are a bad idea. Early classes can have a negative effect on the students’ academic performance. I like to think that going to later classes are better for one’s health, for the students’ concentration in class and it also makes things more convenient. First of all, I feel that going to later classes would be better for the students’ concentration. The average person needs roughly eight hours of sleep. However, most students only get around five or six hours of sleep. So it would be very hard for the student to try to make it to an early morning class and function properly on just a little amount of sleep. Most students prefer waking up late because of b...
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