Effects Of Discrimination In The Workplace

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First Draft #3 Racial discrimination towards African American citizens has been an ongoing issue for centuries. They have dealt with unfair treatment that has lead to poorer life conditions and has decreased their mental health. African Americans are forced to deal with discrimination in the workplace that has effected their ability to get and keep a job, segregated housing that has caused them to live in poorer neighborhoods, and worsened mental health without encouragement of treatment. Racism in the workplace has prevented African Americans from receiving the same opportunities, pay, and positions than a white person. In “Employment Discrimination” on, it states that title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 promised prohibited…show more content…
The Industrial Revolution resulted in African Americans moving from farms into the cities to meet the demands of labor, according to “How We Got Here: The Historical Roots of Housing Segregation” on During this time the urban ghettos were slowly being created, according to “The Perpetuation of Residential Racial Segregation in America: Historical Discrimination, Modern Forms of Exclusion, and Inclusionary Remedies” written by Marc Seitles. Once African Americans began fleeing to the inner cities, the whites fled to the suburbs. In 1937 the Federal Housing Administration was created, and was racially motivated (Seitles 2). Their goal was to keep white neighborhoods full of white residents, and to keep African Americans and other minorities out of these neighborhoods (Seitles 2). It has been argued that housing segregation only exists because of personal choice and income, but only 10% to 35% of the racial segregation has to do with income (Seitles 4). In one study, surveyors wanted to find out the attitudes both races have towards living in the same area. About 82% of the African Americans that were asked would prefer to live in a mixed community (Seitles 4). ‘Mixed’ meaning a community composed of whites and African Americans and other minorities. However 90% of African Americans in this survey admitted that they would not be so willing to move into a