Effects Of Depression On College Students

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Depression can cause incoming college freshman many problems in their new lifestyle. The transition from high school to college is a very big change in their life’s. Some students have to take the journey to a whole other town, city, or even to another state. The distance from home, family, and friends, can cause students to be in a depressed state. The new atmosphere of college is very exciting to students; but at times very scary. For some students, adapting to classes and all of their homework can get overwhelming thus that can cause depression. It is clear to see that college freshman are thrown many obstacles, but depression is a hard one to avoid. Having your loved ones wake you up every morning for school and preparing you for your day for 17-18 years is something you become accustomed to in life. Within a year you can go from that to having just an alarm waking you up. Becoming homesick is a main cause for depression in college students. Giving up your friends that you have grown up with and learning how to make new friends also adds to the cause of depression. Isolation is a leading cause of depression, and can easily form in a new student 's life. Making new friends can be very difficult for most students. Some students cannot acquire friends easily, and become isolated which leads to depression. The transition from high school to college is very immense. The class difficulty is one of the most advanced transitions. Depending on the courses the student takes the class work could be more difficult or similar to the classes that they took while in high school. Time management is also a new component to the college life. Managing your own time is sometimes unfamiliar to incoming freshman. In high school the time is stru... ... middle of paper ... ...e in an effective way are all things that can cause depression. College is a hard thing to adjust to; for an 18 year old that has lived with their parents their entire life and has had a relatively easy life it 's hard for them to suddenly be on their own and to be managing all of the things that come with the college life. There 's a lot of stress put on a student to go straight from high school into college and to perform and succeed at the level that they did in high school. Especially when you 're paying for your classes; in high school the student wasn’t paying to take the classes in college they are so they put more stress on themselves to perform well. Depression is not something that should be taken lightly; as depression among college freshmen continues to rise colleges should take more of an action to help these students that are struggling with depression.
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