Effects Of Decriminalization Of Prostitution

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Max Shellenbergar
PHL 202: Critical Thinking
Professor Turner
1 December 2017
Decriminalization of Prostitution We all believe that we have the right to our own bodies, however if we need protection shouldn’t it be the government's duty to help us protect our bodies and create the best possible environment for the business person and the consumer. Prostitution is what is known as a consensual crime. This means that prostitution is directly a victimless crime, however there have been reports of prostitutes suffering from abuse of their consumer. The acts of battery are not a victimless crime. However, due to its current illegal state prostitutes are unable to seek help from local officials. To provide safety for the women who are willing to
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According to Christine Stockton, a statement from a prostitute, “I make $200/hr not including extras, the client pays $400/hr. I’ve been working once a week, the shifts are 10 hours long, but it depends how many bookings you get. I make about $1500 per shift.” From calculations, splitting half with the brothel. If the brothel makes 1500 per employee. There are 21 (3 per night) workers at the brothel and they all work once a week; the brothel stimulates an income of $1.6 million dollars per year. This can be an economic boost if we were able to tax the brothels it would provide resources we can use on government…show more content…
With regulation we can start eliminating the terrible effects of illegal prostitution including: Violence, drug, STD’s and unwanted children. Prostitutes may not be morally acceptable to everyone, but nonetheless they should be protected. Prostitutes should have the same security and regulation other businesses should have. Decriminalization wouldn’t necessarily promote prostitution or make it seem like prostitution is a route everyone should be taking but allows the protection for sex workers currently in our society.
With the current statistics on HIV/AIDS and other STD’s with prostitutes, the implements of brothels and proper testing we can help reduce the spread of these diseases. The current brothels implemented in southern Nevada have given us fair statistics on the happiness of the worker, owner, and can leave a consumer safe knowing he wouldn’t be at risk of any STD’s. Businesses are protected and regulated by the federal government and this has given safety nets to the business person and the consumer, why shouldn’t prostitution also be treated as a
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