Effects Of Crowding In Corrections

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The purpose of the article was to provide expanded information on the current situations and examine the effects of crowding upon several groups of criminal offenders.

The researchers wanted to study this question because the work in crowding has fallen behind other areas in corrections and there are only a few other accepted studies. During the 1970s the prison populations grew at an alarming rate and researchers became interested in the effects of crowding on inmate behavior by leaving out the other areas that affected the offenders and so the researchers tried to incorporate as many groups as they could.

There have been several studies done in the past focusing on overcrowding in prisons. Studies by Paulus, McCain and Cox (1975), Megargee (1976, 1977), Fairington and Nuttel (1980) and other researchers have documented that overcrowded prisons experience greater disciplinary problems than non-crowded prisons.

The researcher predicts that crowding in prisons aggravates the probability of prisoners engaging in infractions of prison rules.
The research intends to find out if c...
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