Effects Of Community Policing

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Community policing has faced challenges in measuring the effectiveness of its strategies. Community policing has led to officers making fewer arrest (Mastrofski et al., 1995). Some people may see this as a positive thing, but critics of community policing may see this as a fault. Many officers are evaluated on how many criminals they get off the streets and the fact that less arrests are made by community policing officers can be a reason for skepticism. When it comes to serving the public with non-crime fighting services, community policing officers and regular officers seem not to have any difference in positive interaction of the people in the community, dealing with problems that citizens have, or doing order maintenance (Snipes, 2002).…show more content…
The satisfaction of police and confidence people have in police has remained stable with the community policing era and even has declined at times and has remained lowest in minority especially black communities. Non-community policing techniques are important to maintain and improve when a department adopts community policing. There are many issues that may not be solved by community policing, including very private crimes such as downloading illegal content (Demetriou, C., & Silke, A., 2003), and violent gang crimes. These crimes still need be dealt with by other forms of policing such as stings and directed patrols that were shown to be effective to reduce gun crimes (Sherman, L. W., & Rogan, D. P., 1995). When community policing includes citizens’ direct involvement, research has shown reduced fear of being a victim of crime and decreased concern about crime in the neighborhood (Wycoff, & Skogan, 1986). Also, when citizens are involved with the cooperation and support of police they see the police as more legitimate (Tyler, 2004), which can lead to greater cooperation. This cooperation and support are mostly from white communities (Tyler,…show more content…
If the police are able to keep the community, and environment in order it can reduce crime (Wilson, & Kelling, 1989). Order maintenance needs to be prioritized in community policing which can improve social control (Wilson, & Kelling, 1982). Order maintenance is controlling minor crimes so that they do not turn into larger crimes. This order maintenance was made popular in broken-windows policing.

Compstat was another police innovation that became popular in places like New York. Compstat tries to reduce crime by making police officers accountable (Godown, 2009).The information that the police get from Compstat could be used to increase the amount of resources the police give to those areas. If the areas have large amount of robberies community police officers can start asking and gaining trust of residents and find the people who are involved. Pulling levers policing is a deterrent strategy motivated by the research that a small number of criminals do most of the crime (Garside, 2004), and punishment and deterrence should be focused on them. This strategy can be used with crackdowns or specific target of groups of people and or gangs. This can be used by giving those who follow the rules social services and employment opportunities, which is where community policing could serve the community. This can show the police are here to help as well as fight
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