Effects Of Child Neglect

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Many people cannot personally identify with someone who was abused as a child. It occurs more often than most people are aware, and there is no denying that it is a very serious issue that brings major consequences with it. Unfortunately, society seems to consider child abuse too depressing of a subject to discuss. This attitude does not help either the victims or the abusers. Adolescent victims of physical abuse, sexual abuse, and neglect are forced to overcome both short term and long term effects. Out of all forms of abuse, physical abuse has the most obvious and concrete signs. Therefore, physical abuse is most commonly reported due to injury on the body. According to Rebecca Frey, physical abuse refers to striking or beating another…show more content…
According to Gary Fireman, neglect is the most frequently substantiated form of child maltreatment. Also, according the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services as cited by Gary Fireman, approximately half of all cases of child maltreatment pertain to child neglect. There are four forms of child neglect: including physical, emotional, medical, and educational neglect. Out of these four forms, physical and emotional neglect are the most critical and important. Physical neglect is failing to protect from harm, and not being able to provide basic necessities. Emotional neglect is being unresponsive to a child’s need for support and protection. Physical neglect can be anything from failing to provide 24 hour care by leaving the child unattended for long periods of time to not being able to or inadequately provide food, shelter, clothing, and other basic necessities. Victims of child neglect are subject to permanent consequences after growing up enduring child neglect. Neglected children are at risk for delays in cognitive and language development, social and emotional withdrawal, anxiety symptoms, aggressive and inattentive behaviors, and lowered self esteem. Victims of child neglect are often unpopular, having difficulty forming and maintaining close attachments, and may have diminished capacity for coping with everyday demands. Victims are often diagnosed with at least one psychiatric disorder by adolescence. Victims of child neglect are more susceptible to lower scores on standardized tests, lower grades and, higher dropout rates. In cases of extreme neglect, the victim may suffer from developmental delays, failure to thrive, and unfortunately, in very serious cases for more vulnerable children, death. There are many factors that may lead to child neglect. Living in poverty and not having access to adequate health care are general factors that lead to child neglect. Overall, there are
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