Effects Of Child Maltreatment

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Child abuse and maltreatment is all too common in society today and has significant and lasting impacts on development and functioning later in life. Child abuse impacts millions of children all around the world and most children have pretty severe negative physical and mental health consequences that occur from this abuse. The impact of child abuse can depend on the resilience of individuals and some are more impacted by the trauma than others, but none leave completely unscathed. Some of these consequences include an increased risk of disease, psychological distress that leads to mental illness, negative impacts on brain development and impaired functioning in many aspects of life. (FIND SOURCE)
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention defines child maltreatment as “any act or sense of commission (abuse) or omission (neglect) by a parent or caregiver that results in harm, or threat to a child” (Leeb, Paulozzi, Melanson, Simon, & Arias, 2008). Different forms of maltreatment seen in this definition are sexual abuse, emotional abuse, physical abuse, and neglect. National Abuse Statistics reports that 4 million child maltreatment referral reports were received and 7.2 million children
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It has also shown a reduced quality of life and participation in risky health behaviors. This study also showed that having more than one adverse childhood experience more than doubles the risk factors. Aside from the long-term health consequences, there are direct ways that physical health is impacted by abuse and neglect such as bruises, broken bones, burns, sexually transmitted infections and starvation, just to name a few. All of those examples by themselves cause distress and add to the impact on psychological functioning (Violence Prevention,
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